Sewer Billing

In February of 2014, Yarmouth Town Council authorized the creation and implementation of a new tiered sewer fee based on sewer usage. The new annual fee will consist of four (4) rate classes or tiers that are defined by sewer volume usage and range in cost from $100 per year to over $1,500 per year, with most households falling in the standard user tier of $350 per year. Sewer volume will be determined from representative usage during a quarter as measured by the Yarmouth Water District’s (YWD) water meters. The representative usage in a quarter, in cubic feet of flow, will be multiplied by four to obtain a normalized usage for the year.  This usage volume will be used to place each user in the appropriate tier.  Below the tier system is summarized in a table. If usage is not received by the YWD or you have a well the Town will apply the standard rate. 

SEWER FEES DUE SEPTEMBER 30, 2023. Late fees begin Oct 10, 2023. Pay online here, pay in person at Town Hall, by mail, or use the drop box behind Town Hall. 
Sample Sewer Bill

Summary Table

Rate Class Tier

Annual Fee

Usage Range (Cubic Feet)



0 – 2,800



2,801 – 12,000



12,001 – 21,900



 > 21,900

Industrial Surcharge Rate              $0.024 per cubic foot above 21,900 

The March 2022 sewer bill you will receive will be based on your property’s Yarmouth Water District bill for the winter quarter of 2021-22 (Dec-Jan-Feb). The second half will be billed in September 2022. 

Example: If a residence connected to the sewer system used 2,300 CF of water during the winter quarter their fee is as follows:  2,300 CF X 4 = 9,200 CF of sewer generated.  From the table above, 9,200 CF would fall in the “Standard” rate tier and the annual fee is $350 per year.

Sewer bills will be issued on a bi-annual base. The property owner is responsible for payment of the sewer charge. The Town does not pro-rate between buyer/seller or landlord/tenant. Payments must be received on or before the due date. Interest will be assessed to the unpaid balance at a 6% annual rate. Unpaid balances will result in a property lien.

Payment Options

  • Mail check or money order in envelop included with your bill. Send Payments to: Town of Yarmouth, Finance Dept, 200 Main St. Yarmouth, ME 04096
  • Pay online with a credit card or EFT transfer. Fees Apply. Please include your account number when paying online. Click Here to Pay by Credit Card or Online Check
  • Pay at Town Hall. You do not need an appointment. You can either pay inside at the tax collection counter of leave your payment in the gray, locked dropbox in the rear parking lot. If you use the dropbox location and would like a receipt, please note that on the envelope.


  •         20% discount for seniors aged 70 and over.
  •         50% discount for low-income residents that qualify for LIHEAP criteria.
Discounts may be combined for a maximum of 60% discount. If you think you qualify for a discount, please contact Nicole Cope at the Yarmouth Town Office, 846-9036.