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The Rental Dwelling Ordinance requires all short-term and long-term rentals be registered by March 31, 2022, using the rental registration form. This is a one-time census.  There is no fee for registration.

Long-term rental is defined as a dwelling unit that is offered for rent for a period of thirty (30) days or more.

Short-term rental is defined as a dwelling unit that is offered for rental for a period less than thirty (30) days.

A Dwelling Unit occupied by the Landlord as their bona fide personal residence is exempt from the registration requirement.

Rental Registration is a one-time registration aimed at gathering general information from local landlords about their rental units in Yarmouth in order to develop appropriate policies and regulations in the future.

Rental Registration was originally announced in August 2021 but was suspended to give the Town Council additional time to consult with landlords and other stakeholders. At its October 21, 2021 meeting, Town Council approved amendments in response to the feedback received on this effort.

By requiring registration, the Town intends to maintain a list of the rental units in town, including the name of the landlord, contact information for the landlord and the management entity (as applicable), and emergency contact information. 

No data is requested about individual tenant(s); however, the registration requires information about the building, as well data about the rental unit(s) including size, number, and types of rooms. 

Although this is a one-time registration and census, it is important that landlords register their units with the Town by the deadline. The Town Council and the Rental Dwelling Advisory Committee is interested in learning more about the rental properties in Town in order to develop appropriate policies and regulations in consultation with Yarmouth landlords and other stakeholders.

Other key information:

  • The registration form was amended to remove any questions about rent or rent increases. This information is not required.
  • Landlords that have previously submitted payment will be contacted in order to discuss next steps.

  • A May 2021 amendment changed the requirement for rent increases was corrected to be consistent with the original intent: only landlords of 10 or more units within a building or complex must provide a 75-day notification of rent increases. 

Questions may be directed to Erin Zwirko, Director of Planning & Development, at 846-2401.