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The Town wants to support residents in making their homes more comfortable, improving energy efficiency, and softening the impact of steeply rising energy costs. 

Efficiency Yarmouth is a Town of Yarmouth program providing rebates on heat pumps. Efficiency Yarmouth has allocated $40,000.00 to empower income-eligible households by offering generous rebates for the installation of heat pumps. Under this initiative, eligible residents can receive up to $2,000 in rebates, in addition to incentives available through Efficiency Maine when they choose to install a heat pump system.

We know making these major upgrades can be daunting - and minimizing upfront costs can go a long way. Efficiency Maine offers a variety of financing options for efficiency projects, and Efficiency Yarmouth aims to further alleviate upfront costs, creating an opportunity for more low- and moderate-income Yarmouth households to make sustainable choices and start saving money. See the program guide here.

To qualify for this program, you must qualify for Efficiency Maine’s Low and Moderate-Income Enhanced Rebates. Verify your eligibility at www.efficiencymaine.com/income-based-eligibility-verification/Please note that until 2024, homes with natural gas accounts are not eligible.

Follow these steps to get started


  1. See if you’re eligible for Efficiency Maine income enhanced rebates - use this online form to check. If you are eligible for the Efficiency Maine income enhanced rebates, you will receive a prequalification letter from them. Then, use this list to choose a vendor for installing your heat pump.
  2. Work with your chosen vendor to schedule your heat pump installation. Remember to mention you prequalified with Efficiency Maine for the income enhance rebates and let your vendor know you’re interested in applying for both Efficiency Maine AND Efficiency Yarmouth rebates. Your vendor will be able to reserve the Efficiency Yarmouth rebate for you and handle all the forms. 
  3. Confirm that your vendor is handling the rebate paperwork on your behalf for both Efficiency Maine and Efficiency Yarmouth rebate programs. Since Efficiency Yarmouth confirms funding reservations, your vendor should pass those savings onto you – lowering your upfront costs.
  4. Once your heat pump is installed – the vendor will get reimbursed from the Town on your behalf and there are no additional steps for you to take. Sit back and enjoy your new heat pump!


  1. Fill out and submit a rebate reservation form and proof of customer prequalification from Efficiency Maine (EMT). Reservations are required for each customer and you will receive an email confirmation of your successful rebate reservation.
  2. Let your customer know you have successfully reserved the rebate with Efficiency Yarmouth and pass down savings in the form of lowering their upfront costs. 
  3. Install the heat pump system within the reservation term limit (6 month maximum, 3 month preferred). 
  4. Fill out the application form below with appropriate documentation, including customer-signed invoice, EMT rebate claim form, W9, certificate of insurance. You will receive payment from the town shortly after processing. 

If you don’t qualify for these income-based enhanced rebates, there may be other financing options available, such as:

Efficiency Maine List of Registered Vendors
Federal Tax Credits
Any-income rebates from Efficiency Maine
Commercial Rebates from Efficiency Maine for a variety of solutions

For more information, please contact Town Hall at 207-865-4743.

Efficiency Yarmouth Rebate Reservation
To participate in the Efficiency Yarmouth program, vendors are required to RESERVE a rebate by submitting the prequalification letter from Efficiency Maine on behalf of their Yarmouth customer. Vendors with a confirmed rebate reservation will be expected to include the rebate in their estimate and pass along upfront cost savings to the customer.

Efficiency Yarmouth Rebate Reservation Form

Please email completed forms to yarmouthclimateaction@gmail.com

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