Yarmouth Flood Mapping

Updated Preliminary Flood Insurance Study (FIS) (there are three volumes for this study):

Volume 1 
Volume 2
Volume 3
Volume 4

Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) have been distributed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).  You can view the maps by using the following link: https://hazards.fema.gov/femaportal/prelimdownload/

Use the search options for Maine and Cumberland County.  A very long list of maps for all of Cumberland County maps (375!) will appear with identifier numbers in the left column, each of which can be viewed individually on your screen as a pdf document. Below are links to the following general area descriptions is provided for each Yarmouth mapped area:

  • Map 23005C0528F: Yarmouth/North Yarmouth Line
  • Map 23005CO529F: Sligo Road, North Road Elm Street Area
  • Map 2300CO533F  Ledge Road, Pratts Brook Park, Granite Street, Meadow, Mountford Area
  • Map 23005C0534F:  Cousins River, Granite Street Area
  • Map 23005C0536F:  Greely Road, Maxfield Brook, Area
  • Map 23005CO537F:  Applewoods, Oakwoods, Newell, West Main, West Elm, Portland, Hillside Area
  • Map 23005C0539F:  Yarmouth/Cumberland Line
  • Map 23005CO541F:  East Main, Bayview, Melissa, Brookside, harbor area, Spring St, Bridge St, Main St, Pleasant, Smith, Lafayette area
  • Map 23005C0542F:  Route One @ Cousins River follows to the mouth of the Royal River at Vails Point area
  • Map 23005CO543F:  Gilman, Morton, Princes Point area
  • Map 23005CO544F:  Cousins Island and westerly end of Littlejohn Island
  • Map 23005C0561F and 562F: Moshier and Little Moshier Island area
  • Map 23005CO563F and 564F: Easterly end of Littlejohn Island, Pemasong
  • Map 23005C0731F and 732F: Cousins Island, Spruce Point Road area
  • Map 23005CIND2A:  Index