Route 1 Complete Street Policy

In 2015, pursuant to goals set out in the Town's 2010 Comprehensive Plan, Yarmouth adopted a Complete Streets Policy, intended to provide a transportation network that is safe, efficient, interconnected, and sustainable for all modes of travel. 

A Complete Street is one that safely accommodates the needs of all street users – pedestrians, bicyclists, public transit, motor vehicles, and those who rely on wheelchairs. 

In 2018, Yarmouth worked with Falmouth, Cumberland and Freeport to develop a Complete Streets Plan for the Route 1 Corridor North of Portland.

On January 17, 2019, the Yarmouth Town Council took the following action regarding the North of Portland Route 1 Complete Streets Corridor Plan:  

Item No. 59: To hold a public hearing and act upon a proposed resolution of endorsement for the Regional Route One Complete Streets Report. 

Be it Ordered that the North of Portland Route One Complete Streets Corridor Plan dated February 9, 2018 as prepared under a PACTS grant to the Towns of Cumberland, Falmouth, Freeport and Yarmouth and as presented to the Town Council by the Town Planner at the December 13, 2018 meeting is hereby endorsed, a complete copy of said report to be retained on file in the office of the Town Planner. (Voted unanimously, 6-0)