Traffic Calming

In response to citizen concerns of speeding vehicles, the Yarmouth Police Department is able to place delineator posts in specific neighborhoods that have generated resident or officer complaints of safety issues.  Typically, these areas have first been identified by assigned designated speed patrols resulting from complaints of trouble spots.  Because a successful designated patrol requires dedication of manpower and equipment to meet its sole objective, departments with limited personnel and resources often utilize alternative methods of enforcement.  One such method is the use of the delineator post.

Each participating neighborhood will be assigned a community representative who will be responsible for the pre-determined placement and retrieval of the post each day.  An officer will determine the most appropriate location and placement and the Police Department will be responsible for the continuous monitoring and enforcement of traffic laws after the posts have been positioned.

The Police Department also has a customizable sign board with radar and data collection which you may have seen while traveling through town.  As part of our continued speed reduction efforts, this unit is placed in specific trouble areas on a designated schedule.  This computerized device can be pre-set for speed limits and will flash a vehicle’s speed when approached, notify operators when their vehicle is traveling at excessive speed, and record the data to be evaluated by department personnel.  It can also be used to let drivers know of road closures and detours.

Since the inception of our program, we have seen reduced vehicular traffic speeds in areas where we have positioned the delineator posts and/or the radar sign board.  It is because of the combined efforts of citizens and the police department that this program has been a success.

The delineator posts along with the radar sign board will be used throughout most of the year, weather permitting.  If you would like more information on the Yarmouth Police Department’s Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program, please feel free to call us at 846-3333, or email Sgt. Kevin Pedersen at