Reporting Damaged Mailboxes

Though not required, Yarmouth has chosen to have a mailbox replacement policy for mailboxes that are placed within the Town’s right-of-way.

In the event that your mailbox is damaged by the Town during winter operations, please call 846-2401 to report it. A Highway Department representative will come out to evaluate the damage. If we are responsible, either repairs will be made to the existing box and/or post, or a temporary box and post will be placed in service for the winter. Permanent repairs will be made in the spring.

The Town of Yarmouth replaces all mailboxes and posts with a standard design – we do not replace in kind. The total value of the standard box and post is $45.00 ($30.00 for the post and $15.00 for the box). If you have a more expensive box and post, and wish to replace with the same, the Town will pay you the $30.00 or $15.00 (or $45.00 for the complete system if necessary), in lieu of replacing with our standard box and post option.

To Report a Damaged Mailbox or Post

Call: 207-846-2401 or E-Mail

Suggested Location of Mailbox:


Residents are responsible for the correct placement height, which is 41” to 45” to the bottom of the box. The mailbox should be placed 6” to 8” back from the curb or edge of pavement. (Specifications and more information on mailbox placement are available from the Post Office.) We suggest you call the Post Office to ask if there is a requirement as to which side of the road the mailbox should be placed (207-846-4211.)

It is best to keep the snow cleared away from your mailbox as much as possible. This allows for new snow to be deposited and reduces the weight and pressure against the box. For your safety, and to abide by State law, contact Dig Safe before installing a mailbox, so they can notify all utility companies to mark the location of their underground utilities (811 or 1-888-344-7233).