Pay as You Throw (PAYT)

Town Council approved a Pay As You Throw system in 2019, to increase recycling rates, offset the rising disposal costs, and pay for needed upgrades at the Transfer Station. More than 138 communities in Maine have a PAYT system, including Cumberland, Falmouth, Portland, Gorham, and Durham. Pay As You Throw in early 2023, in conjunction with needed upgrades at the Transfer Station.
How PAYT works:
Residents are required to use Town-issued bags to dispose of trash at the Transfer Station, and through curbside collection.

  • Recycling remains free.
  • The more you recycle, the fewer trash bags you will have to buy.
  • The bag prices are as follows:
    • Large 30-gallon bags cost $2.00
    • Small 15-gallon bags cost $1.50
  • The bags are available at Hannaford, Ace Hardware, and Rosemont Market in Yarmouth and Shaw's in Freeport and Falmouth.
  • Revenue from the bags are being used to offset the Town's increasing costs for trash disposal and pay for needed upgrades at the Transfer Station to make the facility more efficient, effective, and safer. Once the Transfer Station improvements are paid for, all bag revenue will go towards reducing all residents' property taxes.
  • Residents who contract privately to have trash and recycling curbside must also use official blue Town-issued bags for trash.

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