How to Become a Volunteer Firefighter

Yarmouth Fire Rescue is staffed by a full-time Fire Rescue Chief and Deputy Chief, an Administrative Assistant who is also a certified Firefighter and EMT. Approximately 30 volunteer firefighters aid fire rescue efforts, responding to calls from their homes.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer firefighter, stop by the Yarmouth Fire Rescue Administrative Office located at 178 North Road, or call the non-emergency number: (207) 846-2410. Applicants must fill out an Employment Application, which you can find here.

What level of education is required to be a volunteer firefighter?
A high school diploma or GED is desirable. In certain cases, Yarmouth Fire Rescue will occasionally accept a high school student who is 18 years of age.

Are any special skills or experience necessary to become a volunteer firefighter?
Yarmouth Fire Rescue provides all necessary training to perform as a firefighter and/or EMS provider.  Applicants should be able to work as part of team to reach combined goals.

Must I be a resident of the Town of Yarmouth?
No. While being a resident is desired, Yarmouth Fire Rescue will also accept applications from those residing in one of our mutual-aid response communities. (North Yarmouth, Pownal, Freeport, Cumberland or Falmouth).

Are there any sorts of health restrictions to becoming a volunteer firefighter?
Yes. All active firefighter and EMS provider members must pass an annual Respiratory Clearance evaluation, which is provided by Yarmouth Fire Rescue physician. There are also volunteer support roles which may not require this type of clearance.

What kind of training do volunteers do before they start fighting fires?
Yarmouth Fire Rescue provides training to volunteer firefighters, which can last for up to six months. Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) training lasts for four months. Volunteers meet every Wednesday night at the North Road Station. Training occurs at the North Road Fire Station and the Fire Training Facility at the Yarmouth Transfer Station. Occasionally, other outside venues are used.

What kind of time commitment must volunteers make?
Time commitments can vary and depend on the volunteer’s position in the organization and other commitments. Yarmouth Fire Rescue requires each member to provide a consistent attendance by responding to 50% of the calls during their available times, and 50% of ALL training and Department meetings.

How often are volunteer firefighters on call?
Yarmouth Fire Rescue needs volunteers to listen and monitor calls as much as their availability allows. EMS providers are required to commit to a 12-hour shift on a weekend, approximately once every six weeks. Members can substitute weekend call time for weeknight time and may swap shifts in the event that they are not able to commit to weekend shifts.  Yarmouth Fire Rescue staff can be flexible and work with members that develop response plans.

Do I need to stay at the station, or do I get calls from home?
Volunteers typically respond to calls from their homes or workplaces. However, the Yarmouth Fire Station is available for volunteers to respond as well. Due to limited sleeping quarters, responding from the station is usually only done during daytime hours.  Members who live Out of Town are encouraged to be at the station when on call during weekends.