Local Development Corporation (LDC)

In 2023, the Town of Yarmouth established a Local Development Corporation (LDC) to assist in proactive community and economic development programming and initiatives. The corporation received non-profit status through the Secretary of State's Office and has a specific set of purposes, as outlined in its bylaws.   The corporation is organized and shall at all times be operated exclusively for an essential government function within the meaning of Section 115 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (or the corresponding provision of any future United States Internal Revenue Law).

Per its bylaws, the corporation is organized for the following specific purposes:

  1. To foster, assist, promote and support community and economic development, including the settlement or resettlement of industrial, manufacturing, fishing, agricultural, recreational and other business enterprises within the Town of Yarmouth, Maine which may include, among other things, for said purposes purchasing, leasing, owning, improving, managing, supporting, developing, and operating real and personal property, community centers, cultural development facilities, housing, environmental remediation land sites, and providing business financing, grant acceptance and administration, and other economic development initiatives;
  2. To create and enhance employment opportunities for the people of Yarmouth by offering education services that provide guidance and support to businesses in Yarmouth, thus easing governmental burdens; and
  3. To make recommendations to the Yarmouth Town Council and Planning Board regarding the acquisition, management, disposal, and general land use of property owned by the Town of Yarmouth.   

A seven (7) member Board of Directors have been appointed to advise and staff the corporation. No more than three (3) Board seats will be comprised of members of the Economic Development Advisory Board (EDAB), with the remainder of the Board made up from community members at-large. 

For more information about the Local Development Corporation (LDC) and its meetings, please contact the Town staff Liaison Scott LaFlamme, Assistant Town Manager and Economic Development Director at slaflamme@yarmouth.me.us or 207-846-2401.

The LDC meets at least annually and as-needed. When meetings are set, they occur on the first Wednesday of the month at 6:00pm in the Log Cabin, located at 196 Main Street in Yarmouth.

To access the meeting remotely: https://meet.goto.com/250395589
Dial in by phone: +1 (312) 757-3121
Access Code: 250-395-589

James Costello, Chair, EDAB Representative
Sam LeGeyt, Vice Chair
Deborah Wathen-Finn, EDAB Representative
Edward "Ted" O'Meara, EDAB Representative 
Anne Ball
Tom Federle
Jay Waterman
Meghan Casey, Town Council Liaison

Town Staff Liaison: Scott LaFlamme - Director of Economic Development, 207-846-2401
Maine's Freedom of Access "Right to Know" Notice

* As the Town transitions to its new website we will continue to upload meeting information and documents. If you're looking for a specific file, please contact the staff liaison. * 

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