Community Programming

The CodeRED Emergency Notification System is an extremely high speed communication service (1,000 calls/min.) allowing the Town of Yarmouth, through Cumberland County Emergency Management, to notify citizens of an emergency situation.  It enables the Town to provide mass notification quickly and easily.  This service is free to all Yarmouth residents and businesses located within our incorporated limits. Click here to learn more.

Reassurance Program

Initiated in the Town of Yarmouth over 20 years ago, the Reassurance Program is one of long-standing success.  The premise is simple – to provide comfort and support to senior citizens, adults living alone, the infirm, or the disabled within our community.

Traffic Calming
Have concerns about speeding in your neighborhood? Through its Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program, the Yarmouth Police Department works with citizens to help reduce traffic speeds in a variety of ways.  Click here to learn more.