Yarmouth Climate Action Task Force (YCAT)

Climate Action Planning LogoIn February 2022, Yarmouth Town Council joined the state of Maine and other municipalities to reduce emissions in our Town. The Town set a goal to reduce municipal emissions to net zero by 2030 and reduce broader community emissions to net zero by 2050. To accomplish these goals, Town Council created a Climate Action Task Force. The Task Force will convene for one year to develop a Climate Action Plan for Town Council approval that is guided by Federal, State, and regional plans. This will guide the efforts the Town takes to reach its goals and position the Town for state funding that can support its work.

For more information on the Town's climate action efforts, or to participate, go to www.yarmouthclimateaction.org

The committee meets the first Wednesday of each month at 6:00pm in the Town Hall Community Room, with remote participation option.

To access the meeting remotely: https://meet.goto.com/371715877
Dial in by phone: +1 (312) 757-3121
Access Code: 371-715-877

Megan Hellstedt, Chair, CEES Liaison
Maya Faulstich

Mary Gallaudet
Matthew Gamache
Caroline Norden
Becky Sentementes
Sally Slovenski
Jen Waterman
Ian Vaporil
Anna Seigel, CEES Liaison 
Stephanie Watson, CEES Liaison 

Town Staff Liaison:
Meddy Smith, Sustainability Coordinator, 207-865-4743 ext. 104

* As the Town transitions to its new website we will continue to upload meeting information and documents. If you're looking for a specific file, please contact the staff liaison. * 

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Information and Community Resources2 documents

  • Climate Emergency Declaration - February 2022
    document _recordid 2021
  • GPCOG Climate Action Planning Process
    document _recordid 2020

Climate Action Plan1 document

  • Draft Yarmouth Climate Action Plan
    document _recordid 3383

20244 documents

  • March 2024 CEES and YCAT Meeting Minutes
    document _recordid 3730
  • February 2024 YCAT Meeting Minutes
    document _recordid 3729
  • January 2024 CEES and YCAT Meeting Minutes
    document _recordid 3728
  • YCAT Meeting Agenda 2.7.24
    document _recordid 3367

202318 documents

  • December 2023 YCAT Meeting Minutes
    document _recordid 3727
  • November 2023 YCAT Meeting Minutes
    document _recordid 3726
  • September 2023 YCAT Meeting Minutes
    document _recordid 3724
  • August 2023 YCAT Meeting Minutes
    document _recordid 3723
  • YCAT Meeting Minutes 10.4.23
    document _recordid 3094
  • YCAT Meeting Agenda 11.1.23
    document _recordid 3093
  • YCAT Agenda September 2023
    document _recordid 2874
  • June 2023 Meeting Minutes
    document _recordid 2757
  • August 2023 Meeting Agenda
    document _recordid 2756
  • June 2023 YCAT Minutes
    document _recordid 2663
  • June 2023 YCAT Meeting Agenda
    document _recordid 2658
  • May 2023 YCAT Meeting Materials
    document _recordid 2657
  • April 2023 YCAT Meeting Materials
    document _recordid 2656
  • March 2023 YCAT Meeting Material
    document _recordid 2655
  • 4.5.23 YCAT Meeting Materials
    document _recordid 2416
  • YCAT Meeting Material 3.1.23
    document _recordid 2415
  • February 2023 Meeting Material
    document _recordid 2018
  • January 2023 Meeting Material
    document _recordid 2017

20223 documents

  • December 2022 Meeting Material
    document _recordid 2015
  • November 2022 Meeting Material
    document _recordid 2014
  • October 2022 Meeting Material
    document _recordid 2013