Yarmouth Boards and Committees

As a resident, you have an opportunity to have a positive impact on the Town by serving on a resident advisory committee. These committees advise Town Council and staff on policy. Committee members serve on a volunteer basis. In most cases, members serve 3-year terms.

Most committees meet once per month.  Terms end on December 31 of each year. All applications expire 12 months from the submission date unless renewed by the applicant. Click here to apply.

The Town is currently recruiting community members to fill available vacancies on the following boards and committees: 

Board/Committee Vacancies Number of Vacancies 
Parks & Land Committee 1
Program Advisory Committee 2
Committee for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability (CEES) 1
Affordable Housing Advisory Committee 2
Bicycle & Pedestrian Committee 1
Recycling Committee 1

Click here to learn more about what these committees do, and when they meet.